Men in Black 3 – Go see it!

I’m going to take a little detour here from blogging about my four stringed adventure to give two thumbs up for Men in Black 3. It’s a fun movie to watch. Will Smith delivered an entertaining performance as Agent J and Josh Brolin is a great version of a young Agent K (normally played by Tommy Lee Jones). As you should know unless you live under a rock, Agent J goes back in time to stop an evil alien, Boris the Animal, from killing Agent K. Being the loyal agent that he is, Agent J goes back in time a day earlier to thwart the plan, save his agent, and save the planet. I found it relieving that the movie didn’t dwell on race relations of the past. While they are important to think about this was just not the time and place for it. The movie was all about the personal relationship between the agents and what they need to do to stop Boris. There are a few scenes where it’s easy to get a bit choked up and it gives the movie just enough depth so it’s not just 100% hollow entertainment.

If you have young kids then I would strongly recommend you do not take them to see this movie. The movie is rated PG-13 and for good reason. There were lots of kids in the theater and I could see in the corner of my eyes their reaction to certain scenes. Some of the fighting scenes are a bit violent and there is plenty of death with some blood. One of the kids (probably around 7 to 9 years old) sitting near me turned his head away for a lot of the scenes and gasped. There is also Nicole Scherzinger’s opening scene where she is dressed in a sizzling hot leather dress and matching thigh high boots. While sexy and entertaining to watch, this little bit of soft porn is not something I want to show my own kids and impress with.