Beth Blackerby, holding a bow, and her videos

Diane commented on my last post that I should take a look at The site is run by a lady named Beth Blackerby. I hope I spelled her name correctly. She offers lots of online videos and resources for the beginning violinist. Not everything on her site is free. Some videos can only be viewed by joining her site. The price is not too bad. If I hadn’t sunk so much money this month into getting some violins and into the start of my lessons then I would join in a heartbeat. For now I have to cool my jets a bit.

Anyhow, one of the free videos that Beth offers is on how to hold the bow. It is available on Youtube as well.

I found this video very helpful. Beth uses good camera angles to capture exactly where her fingers are and how she got them there. Be sure to check out her other videos in her Youtube channel.


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